GigaWatt Solar

GigaWatt Solar Private Limited is a company to reckon with the construction of large-scale renewable energy projects in the field of Solar Energy. The company is a convergence of experience, youth and intellect which gives it a rare edge in the competitive energy sector consultancy. We aim to bring high-value solar infrastructure solutions to our clients and be a prominent part of the changing national energy landscape.

The solar industry has immense potential in a tropical country like India where around 45% of households, mainly rural ones, do not have access to electricity. The industry has witnessed rapid growth over the past few years and is projected to grow further in the future. Many states have started promoting solar based applications by giving incentives and providing tax savings. .

Our Vision

To harness the infinite Solar Energy and power the world

Our Mission

To build a global solar brand (GW - GigaWatt) & be among the top companies in the Solar Industry

Company Goals

Consult, Design, Build, and maintain GigaWatt (1,000 MW) green field Solar Farms

Innovation For A Better Tomorrow. What We Do & Who We Are?


We help investors, owners and lenders derive maximum value out of their investment in solar energy by
setting up high quality benchmarks and using best industry standards

7MW Arhyama Solar, Aler

Project Details

System Type : Ground mounted Solar plant
Client : Arhyama Solar Power Pvt Ltd
Location : Aler
Capacity: 7 MW
Modules : REC-Singapur, 250 Wp, Polycrystalline
Inverter : SMA , 564 No’s of 10 KW

90KW Mahavir Motors

Project Details

System Type : On Grid RoofTop System with Netmeter
Category : Commercial
Client : Mahavir Auto Diagnostics
Location : Sanathnagar, Hyderabad
Capacity: 90 KW
Modules : Waaree Energies, 335 Wp, Monocrystalline
Inverter : WaareeEnergies-50 KW, Solar Edge 40 KW

45KW Adishwar Motors

Project Details

System Type : On Grid RoofTop System with Netmeter
Category: Commercial
Client : Adiswar Motors – Mercedes Showroom
Location : Sanathnagar, Hyderabad
Capacity: 45 KW
Modules : Waaree Energies, 335 Wp, Monocrystalline
Inverter : WaareeEnergies- 25 KW, Solar Edge 20 KW

22KW Manikanta Green Homes

Project Details

System Type : On Grid RoofTop System with Netmeter
Category: Residential
Client : Manikanta Green homes
Location : O’City, Warangal
Capacity: 22 KW
Modules : REC-Singapore, 250 Wp,
Inverter : Growatt, Eaton, Power one (11 No’s of 2 KW each)

Our Contribution

Total Installed sites
Powering Now
Lifetime Saving
Petrol Saved
(Carbon Equivalent)


  • Rajesh Parakala, it was a pleasure working with you.... With a positive attitude of yours, you started with one installation at my home, but went on to do more at my offices and now one at my brothers home.... One has to make money in business and when one does it with a positive attitude that has commitment is always a win for both the customer and the supplier... “Kudos to u!!!”.... I shall always support you for any references

    Yashwant Jhabakh
    – Chairman, Mahavir Group
  • నేను నా ఇంటి పైన గిగావాట్ సోలార్ వారి చేత సోలార్ విద్యుత్ పలకలను అమర్చుకున్నాను. దీని వల్ల నా ఇంటికి ప్రతి నెల విద్యుత్ చార్జీలను గణనీయంగా తగ్గించుకోగలిగాను. దీనికి గాను మనస్ఫూర్తిగా గిగావాట్ సోలార్ యజమాన్యానికి
    కృతజ్ఞతలు తెలియజేస్తున్నాను.
    అన్ని సౌర అవసరాలకు నేను గిగావాట్ సోలార్‌ను సిఫార్సు చేస్తున్నాను.

    - రాంమ్మూర్తి నకిరికంటి
  • Gigawatt Solar has a team which is very quick and rapid in their work, not only did they provide me with solar fencing for a good price but also did it within four days

    Yeshashwini Kadiri
    - Principal Architect & planner, Y&M Archiplanners
  • I’ve been impressed with Gigawatt Solar Team performance throughout and the people working for them did their jobs brilliantly. They didn’t interrupt our business, they stayed out of the way and their health & safety practices were spot on. The education of the whole system was so brilliant and they were on their word during the whole process with good quality & brand. They all did very impressive work from day1 till the completion of project. I would highly recommend them to any other company considering solar for their business to cut costs and reduce their carbon emissions.

    Dr B Govardhan
    - Retd Medical Officer, Kakatiya University
  • I met Rajesh Parakala from GigaWatt Solar personally at my office and knowing his knowledge and experience of his works I referred him with at most confidence for Solar work at one of my customers site. Customer called me personally and thanked me for referring Rajesh Parakala as he delivered the project with at most professionalism. Undoubtedly I will refer Rajesh Parakala from GigaWatt Solar to all my customers and friends and hope you all will refer him to have same experience.

    K.Arvind Kumar
    - Director, SLN Infrastructure & Developers