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Operation & Maintenance (O&M)


Do you want to hand over the responsibility for the operation of your solar plant or PV system to a professional? Our monitoring system provides all relevant system parameters. Based on regular periodic inspections we maintain and inspect your solar system. We recognize and minimize system failures and faults at an early stage.

Secure long - term values and return on your investments - with us!

Gigawatt services Division offers Operation and Maintenance (O&M) solution to run your Power Plant in a safe, reliable & efficient manner. We have a proven track record in O&M of Third Party Assets with capacity of more than 10 MW.

Gigawatt Solar guarantees as an experienced and qualified service provider a maximum on safeness with a maximum on technical availability by reliable plant monitoring with long - standing experience, highest professional competence and comprehensive knowledge about statutory provisions. Expert service technicians ensure quick support on site and ensure, through regular inspection and qualified data analysis for best efficiency for each solar system.

Operations and maintenance

Plant monitoring -Daily analysis and evaluation of operational plant data through remote monitoring
-Energy meter value management
Preventive maintenance -Preventive inspection and maintenance of system components according to manufacturer’s specifications
-Documentation of events and measures
-Provision of small parts and operating material
-Conduction of regulatory tests according to technical standards
Fault detection and analysis -Function check after fault message is received
-Immediate start of fault removal measures
-Long-term trend analysis
Management of repairs and claims -Analysis of interruptions and incidents
-Supply chain management for spare parts i.e. modules, inverters, cabling and mechanical components
-Documentation and data management -Documentation of plant energy output and system availability
-Electronic plant logbook
-Detailed information about main events and measures
-Customer reports on a quarterly and/or yearly basis
Warranty and service management -Monitoring and tracking of warranty rights
-Support with insurance cases
-Coordination and managing of external (i.e. 3rd party) service providers
Facility management -Maintenance of vegetation (optional)
-Implementation of official requirements for technical operation
-Module cleaning (optional)